What's in my Bag?

This week I'll be doing a series of 'getting to know you' posts.  I personally love these posts; they're the perfect opportunity to indulge my inner Mr Nosey!  Expect to see the content of various bags, my favourite DVDs, beauty essentials...  I also think you can tell a lot about a person's shoes, so who knows where this week will take me!

One day last week saw me trawling through this flickr group and I ended up getting really jealous of everyone's supercute stationary!  However, it inspired me none the less!  All of what you see usually calls a tatty old blue leather Topshop bag home.  Some items do get a brief holiday when they're transferred into my larger library bag (more on that later in the week)!

1 - Milkybar wrapper, couldn't resist it in the Very Long Co-op Queue.
2 - Keys, my keyring is a pink, glittery My Little Pony charm that I got whilst in New York.
3 - Inhaler, a relatively new addition, but sadly very necessary!
4 - Carex Splash Gel, complete with cute penguin!
5 - Pocket tissues from Boots.
6 - Umberella, because I live in England and can't stand having frizzy-rain-hair!
7 - Endless three month old bus tickets!
8 - Spare hair tie.
9 - Topshop purse that has definitely seen better days!
10 - Buscopan IBS Relief tablets.  My Life Savers, however the less said the better!
11 - Papermate ComfortMate Ultra 1.0M in black.
12 - Limited edition Creme Brulee Vaseline.  I LOVE THIS!

Also in there, but didn't make the photo, were various receipts, tissues and a few crumbs - also my 'Blackberry-wannabe' Nokia E5 phone but at the moment it's my only camera!  What are your day-to-day essentials?

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