Right Now I Can't Live Without : Hemp Hand Protector

I've been spending multiple hours staring at my hands, as they labour away typing up my essay/presentation/dissertation.  But rather than complain that they're not typing fast enough I've noticed that they've been rather dry.  This is a problem I've never really had before.  I was always the shy kid in the corner with slightly clammy hands, so it's never really occurred to me to use a hand cream. 

I purchased The Body Shop's Hemp Hand Protector a while back after pinching a bit of my sister's to use on my cuticles.  It's not that cheap, but is currently available online with 50% off, making it £5.  However, you only need a little bit and so should last a good while.  It's recommended for people with extremely dry skin and provides 'heavy duty moisturisation, protection and repair'.  I've started to use mine at night just before I go to bed, as I find the product does take a little while to sink into the skin leaving it feel a bit greasy.  The thick cream feels really soothing on application and the next day my hands really look noticeably moisturised...and younger! This was a bit of a shock and made me realise how much I'd be neglecting them!

I also have a few scars on my hands and this cream has definitely made them blend in with the rest of my skin a lot more.  It's not worked a miracle on them and made them disappear, but they're certainly less noticeable.  I also really like to use it on my elbows if they're feeling a bit dry and it soon sorts them out!

I read that a few reviewers didn't like the packaging.  It's kind of like a paint tube and won't be to everyones taste but I really like it!  I'll certainly be repurchasing this when it eventually runs out and am really keen to try the Hemp Lip Protector too.

Wishlist 001

Belle and Boo Tape : I love this Boo tape, it's such a great way to brighten up parcels and presents!
Topshop Hair Clip : This reminds me of a pair of clips I had when I was little.  I love that hair accessories are a quick and simple way to make an outfit look a little bit special.
MAC Oil Control Lotion and MAC Complete Comfort Creme : Last Summer I had my makeup done at a MAC counter and the girl used both these products.  For the rest of the day my face felt really lovely!  I'm also on the hunt for a primer or oil control product that actually works and am really keen to see what the lotion is like.
Topshop Dress : I love the cut of this dress, it's perfect for Summer.  It looks like it would be really easy to dress up or down too!


I am due a holiday.  I haven't left our tiny island since I welcomed in 2006 in Russia with a group from my Sixth Form.  For a while now, I've been lusting after a city break to Paris. I blame this on being mesmerised by Laduree macarons via The Cherry Blossom Girl and watching Amelie and An Education too many times!  More recently, Rachel Khoo's The Little Paris Kitchen certainly hasn't helped the situation.

Source - BBC

Tonight's episode is sadly the last in the series, but I've been hooked from the start.  It's not just the really tasty, homely dishes she creates (the kind you can almost smell as you're sat salivating in front of the TV) but Khoo herself is down to earth and I genuinely want her to be my best friend!  I want to be eating the food she makes..and wouldn't mind rifling through her wardrobe and stealing her lipsticks!

It seems my desire to see Paris is entirely fuelled by food!  I think I'd always want to be in a boulangerie or a patisserie or wishing my lactose intollerance could go on holiday itself so I could be eating my body weight in cheese.  For now I fear I'll just have to make do with eating a croissant while watching Amelie...again!

Happy Easter!

This is Stacey.  (She has a long lost boyfriend called Bradley who lives with a friend, but that's a story for another day!)  Today she helped me make some Easter Nests ...after making friends with my Lindt bunny and spinning about in cake cases!  

"...Carrot Cake is your favourite too?!"


Easter Nests - makes approx 18
100g bar of dark chocolate (Sainsburys Basics worked fine and super cheap!)
100g cereal of your choice (Shredded wheat, cornflakes...I used Rice Krispies)
1 Bag of Mini Eggs
  • Break up and melt the chocolate.
  • Add in the cereal until it's thoroughly coated in the chocolate.
  • Spoon into case cases and top with Mini Eggs.
  • Pop into the fridge until the chocolate has set.  
These are really simple to make and SO tasty!  I've always wanted to add in some other goodies, like marshmallows or dried fruit... kind of like an easter nest/rocky road lovechild but never got round to it!  Maybe next year!

Hot Cross Buns

After seeing a recipe for Hot Cross Buns on the Cellardoor Magazine blog, I knew I had to make them!  I'm usually not a fan of these Easter treats as I'm not keen on mixed peel, however a light bulb went off inside my head - why not add cranberries instead?  Thank you light bulb!  I now have lots of lovely girly Hot Cross Buns waiting to be toasted and smothered in lemon curd.  If you get sick of chocolate this weekend, I suggest you try these!

You can find the recipe here.  I didn't actually follow the recipe I'm sending you all to, as I misread it and tipped all the flour in at the start - silly billy.  I'll definitely be making these again and will post a recipe up myself.  There are a few things I'd like to change; adding some more cinnamon, maybe some lemon zest and other dried fruits.  I also want to try piping a flour and water paste onto the top of the buns to create the crosses.  Despite all these additions and alterations, my first attempt were really yummy and I was very pleased with how they turned out, in spite of the distaster I had at the beginning!  They're not perfect but they sure do taste good!

Lily Lolo Finishing Powder

A while ago I posted about wanting to find some natural cosmetic products.  A friend of mine has used British natural makeup brand Lily Lolo for a few years now and has recommended it to me on numerous occasions.  I recently purchased a sample of their Finishing Powder in Flawless Matte.

Lily Lolo has grown over the past few years, however promises to keep it's basic policies; 'made in the UK, source the finest natural ingredients, no animal testing (BUAV approved), steer clear of all the harmful and totally unnecessary chemical nasties found in a lot of cosmetics and most of all, affordable for every woman'.  I really love what the company stands for and there's a certain feel-good factor you get when you purchase one of their products.

Back to the Finishing Powder...
For £1.29 you get a reasonable amount of product; 0.75g may not sound very much, but a little goes a long way!  In the past I've sampled products and they came in a small zip lock pouch, thankfully now you get a really cute little pot which is much more professional looking!  (All of their packaging is adorable.  Perfect if, like me, you have a weakness for a lovely logo or a pretty box).

I chose the Flawless Matte powder as I'm blessed (cursed) with an oily T-zone.  The product itself is a very fine white powder, don't worry it blends in fine - no ghost faces! I applied mine with a blusher brush as it was all I had for the job.  However, if you have a flat stippling brush or one of Lily Lolo's own Kabuki brushes, they would perform better.  I tried, on different days, applying the product both under and over my makeup, gently buffing the powder into my skin.  I was really happy with how the powder had neutralised any shine but still made my skin look fresh and not overly matte.  The only issue I have with this powder is it's lasting power.  I had to reapply after about an hour of wearing it.  It's such a shame because the initial results were lovely and I really wanted to like this product.  Sadly I won't be repurchasing the full size.  I would however recommend this people with less oily skin who are looking for a light mattifying powder.  If you need something a bit more heavy duty, this isn't for you.

In the past I've tried their foundation, concealer and a shimmery shade of blusher and would definitely encourage anyone to try out the foundation or concealer.  The blush I tried was a nice shade, but found it was a little sparkly for me.  Although I didn't get on with this particular offering from Lily Lolo I'm certainly going to try some of their different products.  My eye's currently on their Corrector powders and matte Blushers.  

PS.  As a little gift for Easter, Lily Lolo are offering free delivery for orders over £15 until the 9th April!