Right Now I Can't Live Without : Hemp Hand Protector

I've been spending multiple hours staring at my hands, as they labour away typing up my essay/presentation/dissertation.  But rather than complain that they're not typing fast enough I've noticed that they've been rather dry.  This is a problem I've never really had before.  I was always the shy kid in the corner with slightly clammy hands, so it's never really occurred to me to use a hand cream. 

I purchased The Body Shop's Hemp Hand Protector a while back after pinching a bit of my sister's to use on my cuticles.  It's not that cheap, but is currently available online with 50% off, making it £5.  However, you only need a little bit and so should last a good while.  It's recommended for people with extremely dry skin and provides 'heavy duty moisturisation, protection and repair'.  I've started to use mine at night just before I go to bed, as I find the product does take a little while to sink into the skin leaving it feel a bit greasy.  The thick cream feels really soothing on application and the next day my hands really look noticeably moisturised...and younger! This was a bit of a shock and made me realise how much I'd be neglecting them!

I also have a few scars on my hands and this cream has definitely made them blend in with the rest of my skin a lot more.  It's not worked a miracle on them and made them disappear, but they're certainly less noticeable.  I also really like to use it on my elbows if they're feeling a bit dry and it soon sorts them out!

I read that a few reviewers didn't like the packaging.  It's kind of like a paint tube and won't be to everyones taste but I really like it!  I'll certainly be repurchasing this when it eventually runs out and am really keen to try the Hemp Lip Protector too.

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