Wishlist 001

Belle and Boo Tape : I love this Boo tape, it's such a great way to brighten up parcels and presents!
Topshop Hair Clip : This reminds me of a pair of clips I had when I was little.  I love that hair accessories are a quick and simple way to make an outfit look a little bit special.
MAC Oil Control Lotion and MAC Complete Comfort Creme : Last Summer I had my makeup done at a MAC counter and the girl used both these products.  For the rest of the day my face felt really lovely!  I'm also on the hunt for a primer or oil control product that actually works and am really keen to see what the lotion is like.
Topshop Dress : I love the cut of this dress, it's perfect for Summer.  It looks like it would be really easy to dress up or down too!


  1. I love the dress, it's so pretty and feminine! x


  2. CUTEST DRESS EVER!! It looks sort of like a tennis dress, I love it!! X