TOPSHOP Brighton Rock Lipstick Review

I couldn't resist buying Topshop's lipstick in Brighton Rock as a little treat to myself for my graduation.  I ended up wearing a plain black dress from H&M so desperately needed a pop of colour in my outfit.  This lipstick certainly delivered!  Brighton Rock is a very bright pink, and definitely isn't for the faint hearted.

Topshop Lips in Brighton Rock - £8

The Good
Before purchasing Brighton Rock, I'd only ever bought nail polishes from Topshop's make-up range.  However, Topshop has fast become one of my favourite nail polish brands, so I decided to see what else there was on offer.  

I have to admit, the name of this lipstick was the main attraction!  I always tend to go for a neutral lip colour, typically favouring light pinks in the past.  However, I decided to be more adventurous in my colour choices.  I'm so glad I did!  I never thought bright colours would suit me because I have very pale skin (I'm slightly paler than MAC NC15 foundation).  All I can say is that my makeup colour choices will never be the same again!  I found this lipstick worked really well with simple black winged eyeliner, long lashes and a hint of pink on the apples of my cheeks.  

The Bad
Brighton Rock is a matte lipstick which can be a problem if you have dry lips.  Whilst wearing this lipstick alone, my lips did become a little dry but I've found that by keeping my lips moisturised with Carmex before hand solved this.  I find that lipsticks never seems to last on my lips for more than a few hours and this one is no different.  

The Verdict - 7/10
I really love the shade of Brighton Rock.  I've never been able to find the perfect red lipstick, and have come to think that maybe I'm just a pink kind of a girl!  Brighton Rock is a great shade if your looking for a bright pink matte statement lip.  I also find that the matte texture adds versatility to the lipstick as you can always add a gloss over the top.  I'm already eye-ing up a few more shades.  I'd love to try Sartorial and Secret Admirer.

Have you tried any of Topshop's makeup?  Or are you a fan of bright lips?


  1. What a gorgeous colour! I'm so tempted to buy one! xx

  2. I bought this recently and love it! It took a bit of courage to wear it but it's so worth it. It's perfect for the summer. xx

  3. I bought this the other day! It's gorgeous ! Sartorial is gorgeous as well - I always wear it when I go out. Great blog!

  4. This is a lovely shade. I don't have any Topshop lipsticks but there's a few I want to try xo

  5. thank-you for the comment my lovely, i can imagine this looks beautiful on! i love topshop's harzard it's amazing!

    lots of love,

    lily from red brick lipstick

  6. love this shade. i'm not a huge fan of lip sticks. i'm more a chap stick girl, but i recently have been using up all of my sister's baby lips :) cute blog girl!