Barbara Daly Make-up Concealer Review

I purchased the Barbara Daly Concealer after running out of my beloved MAC Prolongwear Concealer a few weeks ago.  I had intended on going for the Collection Lasting Perfection, but was in a mad rush at 8pm and Tesco was the only place still open.  This is my first time trying the Barbara Daly brand and so far I'm very impressed.

The Good
Compared to high end concealers, high-street brands normally carry a limited shade range in concealers and Barbara Daly is no exception as there are only three variants of shade.  However, I picked up the lightest shade 'Fair' and it's a really good match for my skin and also works well with my MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation in NC15. 

The concealer itself is thick and creamy in consistency and covers redness and dark circles with ease.  I also really like that the coverage is buildable, making this a really versatile product.  I find that if I apply and blend the concealer with my finger, I get a much more natural look.  But for night-time or days when more coverage is needed, I still apply with my finger but then gently blend with a brush.  Provided I set my make-up with powder, the concealer also lasts all day (although I have had to touch up in the afternoon on particularly hot days).

The Bad
My only niggle with the Barbara Daly concealer is the size of the pot.  I've had mine for a month and am just starting to hit pan.  

The Verdict - 8/10
I'm really glad that I picked this up.  The shade and coverage that the product gives me is fantastic and I'll certainly be repurchasing.  The size of the pot does mean that it's great to have in your handbag.  Although the MAC Prolongwear Concealer for me does work out at better value for money, as a tube will last me about six months, the Barbara Daly Concealer is great to have as an alternative. 

Barbara Daly Concealer is available at Tesco, both in store and online for £4.25 (although for some reason the darkest shade is 25p cheaper)!

Have you tried any Barbara Daly make-up?


  1. OO i need to try this. Im loving testing concealers right now for some reason!

    Ive got the Barbara Daly cream blush in 'Peaches & Cream' and ive been really impressed with the quality - will definitely be going back to get a few more bits from the range - i agree though - the size isnt the most generous but i find the little pots rather cute to pop in your handbag! xx

    1. I love the name of that blush! I'm certainly going to have a look next time I'm in Tesco to see if I can find some more handbag essentials xx

  2. I have this concealer i think it's really great for £5!

  3. I just bought a whole bunch of this brand and shall be testing it out very soon. In the shop it appeared to be of quite high quality.