Summer At Last

I've been wanting to start doing outfit posts for a while now but a two things have been getting in the way; the weather and my confidence.  What with the fantastic weather this weekend, I really had no excuse to step out from behind the camera.  This is a bit of a practise post as there's obviously lots I need to work on - actually being able to see the clothes clearly would probably help!

Mint T-shirt - H&M  |  Floral Skirt - Charity Shop  |  Necklace - M&S  |  Bag - Primark  |  Shoes - Topshop
Generally speaking, I much prefer piecing together outfits during the cooler parts of the year.  I'm not particularly good in the heat and really don't like feeling uncomfortably hot and sticky.  My mum picked up this skirt in a charity shop for me last year.  It was full length, so it was altered to a more summery shape.  It's lovely and floaty and perfect for hot days.  I paired it with a mint H&M basic T-shirt and candy coloured shoes and necklace.

What are your tips for dressing for this weather?


  1. Did you use timer or remote control to snap your photo? Btw, you look great.

    1. Aww thank you! :) My sister took the photos of me xx