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Summer Footwear Trends

One of the topics on everyone's minds this summer has, of course, been the Olympics! To add to this, the fashion industry has been getting involved; trends have been sport influenced getting everyone in the mood for a bit of fitness. Luckily for the less sporty amongst us there are still things out there to wear that relate to this trend but that can be worn without having to conform to the head to toe athlete look.

Fashion and Sportswear

A great way to participate in the sport fever of the season without having to bust out the lycra shorts is to inject an athletic aesthetic into your accessories. Of course sportsmen and women are not big on accessorising in the manner of handbags and jewellery; all is not lost if we consider footwear however. Shoes can be a great way to give a look a certain style without going overboard. The obvious choice in footwear in order to give an outfit a sporty edge is a pair of trainers, though these can often be difficult to match with non-sporty clothes in a stylish way. There are some styles, however, that have been requisitioned by the fashion world meaning you can more easily mix and match the two looks.

Versatile Styles

The easiest way to find a sport shoe which you can wear with anything from jeans to a dress is to find a style that you like, and preferably one that comes in a variety of colours so you can inject some of your personality into your outfit. Long standing Converse are a good example of this. Though classically in black, over the years many more colours and patterns have been added to their repertoire. They also come in a variety of lengths depending on what you intend to match them with. A sports shoe by design, they are also fashionable and stylish enough to add to your wardrobe as an everyday item.

So there is no need to stick to flip flops and boots for fear of not being able to participate fully in the sporting fashion phenomenon of the season. Think outside the box a little and you will discover a wealth of innovative ways to keep your look both up to date and unique to your personality and lifestyle. It is an added bonus that this sporting trend means comfortable footwear has become acceptable and stylish to wear day to day. It may even leave you feeling inspired to take up a new sport!

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17 Wild Curls Mascara Review

Mascara is one of my makeup must-haves.  I've got rather short and straight lashes and without lashings of mascara my eyes look somewhat small and naked!  I tend to choose mascaras that volumise (with the hope that they also lengthen, separate and curl)!  Eyes are the first thing most people will notice about you so I like to emphasise mine and make them pop.

I've used the 17 Wild Curls Mascara before, but often try out different brands so I rarely repurchase the same mascara.  I picked up this one again after receiving an Advantage Card voucher in the post that meant I could get this for just one whole pound!  I'm really glad that I got the voucher as I'd forgotten how good this mascara is!

The Good
I've always been sceptical about mascaras that promise a high impact curl, but the Wild Curls mascara really does deliver.  Not only that, but the wand really grabs my lashes so that they're separated and lengthened.  The wand is a plastic one, but the 'bristle' parts are really close together and there's a lot of them making it really great at picking a lot of product.  This enables my lashes to be fully coated, and is really great for adding depth to the base of my lashes before sweeping through to the tips.

I like my lashes to look full and thick and so often use two coats for day to day makeup.  What I like best about this mascara is it's versatility.  From subtle day-time lashes you can build up to a more dramatic look without making your lashes look clumpy.

The Bad
I really don't have a bad word to say about the 17 Wild Curls Mascara.  In a perfect world, it could perhaps be a little cheaper, but I'm quite happy to pay £6.29 for it given it's performance.

The Verdict - 9.5/10
I really think this is one of the best mascaras I've used.  If you're looking for a cheap-ish high street mascara then this may be the one for you!

What's your must-have makeup product? 

Kate Middleton and Alice Temperley

If you'd have told me a few years ago that I would be quoting a member of the Royal family as a fashion inspiration, I would most likely have scoffed in your face! I believe that Kate and Will's wedding has greatly increased the Royal's popularity over recent years; it has certainly changed my view.  ...Also, as we share the same name, I like to think that I now have a justified excuse to call myself Princess Catherine!  

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I've come to really admire Kate's personal style and how she represents modern British based designers such as Alice Temperley (as pictured above), Erdem, Jenny Packham, and Catherine Walker (a favourite of Diana). Her preference for lace and flattering three quarter sleeves and a-line shapes compliment her femininity and elegance.  She has found what styles work for her and wears them well.  

The Temperley white lace dress on the left is perhaps one of my favourite outfits that I've seen Kate wear and it prompted me to take a look at Alice Temperley's Somerset collection.  I was really impressed by the dresses and accessories that the collection has to offer and have picked out my favourite items below.  The dress is gorgeous and would be a fantastic choice for the upcoming party season.  The rest of the items I've picked are pieces that can really change an outfit.  I love the ruffle detail on the shirt and I'd pair it with some super-skinny black jeans and sparkly flats, a la Alexa. 

Long Lace Dress  /  Silk Frill Blouse  /  Suede Peep Toe Court Shoe  /  Sedemor Leather Handbag  /  Forest Animal Wool Scarf

Will you be treating yourself to anything from the Somerset collection?