Discovering Melabelle

This weekend I popped along to Ascot Racecourse for their fashion sale event.  Over two days, 140 exhibitors had the opportunity to showcase their clothing and accessories to the hoards of women (and a handful of disgruntled husbands) who passed through the doors.  I have to admit that most of the brands were aimed at a slightly older customer, but there was plenty to keep me occupied too.  I spied some gorgeous ostrich bags by Ostrich2Love and am so pleased I discovered Melabelle, an up-and-coming British fashion brand created by Bella Cager.  

The new Autumn/Winter collection is inspired by an envelope belonging to Bella's grandmother which contained silhouettes of dancers.  These dancers are one of the main features of the new collection; they look especially cute on silk scarves.  All the fabrics are hand dyed and the prints are designed by Bella herself.  You can read more about the inspiration behind the collection here.  

The range has a simplicity and elegance of the early 20th century.  My favourite item was definitely their pea coat.  I really love the structured cut and the androgynous look it could give to an outfit.  Another item that really stood out was the 'Cute' dress, which features bronze beading around the neckline and hem. 

I'm pleased I went to the event, despite it not being something I'd usually attend.  It was such a great place to discover some new boutique brands, and was the perfect girly day out with my Mum!  

I'm really looking forward to see more from Melabelle.  What do you think?


  1. i love that jacket!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  2. Awww these tops are so cute!

  3. that dress and top are beautiful! xxx

  4. Oooh, that dress! I think I may need that in my life :) x

  5. Wonderful pieces!

    Great blog, I'm following!


  6. I love the scarf. Melabelle sounds interesting!

    le fresne x

  7. Interesting, I didnt know about Melabelle before and I totally agree with you that the silhouettes look really nice on silk scarves!