Valentine's Gift Idea | Wish List

I love Valentine's Day.  It's a perfect opportunity to take the time to tell someone you care, whether that person is your other half, a family member or a friend.  I like the chance to think of original and personal gifts, but sometimes the uniform flowers, chocolates and perfumes do the job just as well if a little thought has gone into it.

The Emma Bridgewater baking dish would make an excellent gift for any keen baker. What could be better than a heart shaped pudding?!

Chanel perfumes are a little bit special.  I love how the bottle looks on my bedside table.  I like to pretend I'm a glamourous French lady as I spritz on Coco Mademoiselle, so for me, this would be the perfect gift 

The heart shaped lolly from Thornton's is a cute little token as chocolate always goes down well.  This would be the perfect little treat for colleagues.

Tulips are my favourite flowers and I'd definitely rather receive a pretty bunch of them rather than roses.  When I saw these tulip bubble wands from Lush, my heart skipped a beat!  They smell of chocolate and oranges, which is a scent I can take or leave, but I know lots of people go mad for it!  You can also plant the paper tag, as it has seeds in, and watch some pretty flowers grow!

I've got a thing about arrows at the moment and love this simple necklace from Topshop.  It would look really cute with T-shirt dress for a casual outfit.

I really want to try out Topshop's Lip Crayons.  They look so easy to apply when you're on the go.  Secret Party is a gorgeous bright raspberry shade which is perfectly flirty for Valentine's Day.

Lastly, and possibly my favourite, is this tote bag from Paperchase.  The slogan is really sweet and perfect for any typography geeks!

Will you be celebrating Valentine's Day this year?   


  1. awww you picked really lovely things! my favourites are those tulip wands and the bag :) so cute! I've done a Valentines post too over on my blog and would love if you checked it out :) xx

  2. Absolutely loving the heart shaped dish, so pretty, now I just need to find someone to buy me one lol :-)

  3. All such lovely things! Sorely tempting me to go shopping...

  4. Very cute ideas!! I personally am just not a Valentines person but every now and then I'll get 'festive' and bake some heart shaped cookies and watch a chick flick :)


  5. The baking dish is adorable! X

  6. So many lovely things. I really like that necklace, valentines gift for myself?


  7. I love the Tulips! x

  8. Such a cute wishlist! Love the tote bag - so cute! The lipstick looks a really lovely colour too.

    Lindsey. x

  9. Aw so cute, on valentines I like to treat myself and those tulips look amazing, so I'll think I'll be buying them! x

    Alexandra xx

  10. love all the things you chose! i love that arrow topshop necklace! and the tote bag is so cute too! xx

  11. That baking dish looks too damn cute xx