Wish List 005

Seeing beautiful blue skies recently have made me more and more excited about wearing shorter skirts and spring prints.  I'm really looking forward to wearing flirty and feminine casual outfits.  The adorable birds and blossoms of the Warehouse top would look perfect teamed with a skater skirt, like this Topshop one.  (I may have picked up a similar one in New Look earlier today!)  I love wearing skirts and dresses with plimsolls when the weather is warmer.  This New Look chambray pair are a cute alternative to my usual choice of white. 

I keep having a sniff of Soap & Glory's Smoothie Star whenever I'm in Boots but have never picked it up on my way to the tills.  It smells delicious, like cookies and put simply, I need it!  And speaking of sweet things, I'm so happy that Mini Eggs seem to be everywhere!  They're my favourite chocolate and I fully intend to eat tonnes of them in the coming weeks!

What have you been coveting recently?


  1. Omg, Mini Eggs are one favourites as well! So so so soooo good! And the skirt is adorable xo


  2. I can't wait to wear skirts and shorts either, and wack out the pastel nail colours! haha


  3. I bought that skater skirt the other day, but now I really want the top to go with it too! :)
    I love mini eggs and ate way too many this evening :D
    emmerliejay x

  4. The shirt is adorable! The shoes are also so cute. Great items(:


  5. Oooh mini eggs, I've not had them for years :)