The Work Essential - Zara Studded Office City Bag

zara-studded-office-city-bag-city-calling-uk-job-search zara-studded-office-city-bag-city-calling zara-studded-office-city-bag-city-calling-uk-jobs

With the New Year just around the corner, I've been getting ready to put my New Year's resolutions in place. One thing that I really want to master in 2015 is general life organisation. I'm looking forward to browsing the sales for desk planners, diaries and more notebooks but for now I'm getting a head start by organising myself when I'm out and about.

The Zara Studded Office City bag* is the ideal work bag. Perfect if you want to be more organised like me. Alternatively, it would make an amazing 'new job' treat if you're planning to start January with a UK job search, browsing sites like City Calling for your dream job. It features a zipped middle compartment and two large side pockets - plenty of space for my stack of notebooks, tablet and everyday essentials.

It feels so good not to have endless receipts and Nakd bar wrappers at the bottom of my bag anymore! I'm prepared for a neat and tidy 2015!
*Gifted Item.

Wishes for 2015 : Travel

Cruises from UK Fred Olsen

I've been lucky enough to travel more this year.  I decided to say yes to traveling on a plane, conquering my fear of flying.  Before, I'd never been that fussed about venturing to new places, because the thought of stepping on a boat or aeroplane was too much.  Now, I have my passport and sunscreen at the ready for my next adventure.  Although, I'll be swapping the factor 30 for woolly layers for the first location on my travel wish list!

Ever since first seeing The Snowman, I've wanted to see the Northern Lights.  Word is that the best place to see the Aurora Borealis is in Norway.  Fred Olsen offers different cruises from UK to Norway with chances to stay in the Ice Hotel in Alta and experience traditional Sami culture.  This would make a truely magical holiday!

Who doesn't want to pretend that they're Amelie or Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face.  Paris is always a good idea, after all!  I'd love to enjoy a morning coffee at a pavement cafe, eat macarons at Laduree and see the Eiffel Tower.

For me, Santorini is the ideal destination for a grown up romantic get away.  There are ancient cities and caves to be discovered.  Followed by a glass (or two) of local wine and beautiful Mediterranean cuisine.  World famous Santorini cherry tomatoes and white aubergines make meal times a foodies heaven!

New York, Mexico and the Maldives are also in my wanderlust list!  I'd love to hear what's on yours!
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Nottingham Christmas Market

 photo nottingham-christmas-market-3_zps68257d38.jpg

At the weekend, I traveled to Nottingham for a festive weekend with my sister. This is the second year my Mum and I have gone to help her choose a tree and decorate her flat. We managed to get some Christmas shopping done, put up her tree and, my personal favourite bit, visit the Christmas Market in Nottingham's City center.

We decided to have a mooch around once it was dark and I took my new camera along for a play around.  I'm still getting used to using it and it was a whole new challenge shooting at night!  I know I've got a long way to go, but I'm super happy with how these shots came out!  

 photo nottingham-christmas-market-1_zps2b9fe5ba.jpg  photo nottingham-christmas-market-2_zps455825fd.jpg

After a quick stop in Starbucks, we wandered round the different stalls. There is such a great atmosphere at night and the pretty lights make the market look magical. We indulged in mulled cider and salted caramel fudge (delicious). I even managed to pick up a few sneaky Christmas presents!

 photo nottingham-christmas-market-4_zpsfc853601.jpg  photo 8207738c1f_zps7c338f2a.jpg

My little early December Nottingham trips are becoming one of my new favourite Christmas traditions. Next on my December to-do list is to visit my local garden center. Their decorations are usually amazing, so I'm really looking forward to seeing what they've got in store this year!

Juiliette at Home Mince Pies Kitchen Candle

 photo juliette-at-home-mince-pies-kitchen-candle_zpsbfe2eb1b.png  photo juliette-at-home-mince-pies-kitchen-candle-2_zps015d85b3.jpg  photo juliette-at-home-mince-pies-kitchen-candle-3_zps7c8fdea6.jpg
Everyone loves a bit of Christmas baking.  I always get ridiculously enthusiastic over Nigella's luxe festive treats, but my absolute favourite things to eat at Christmas are my Nan's mince pies.  They have a hint of almond in the pastry and a Mary Berry measure of brandy in the juicy fruit filling.  When I opened up my new Mince Pies candle (£15), from Juliette at Home, I was immediately taken back to her kitchen.  This candle smells just like a perfect little mince pie - it's incredible!

I love the whole look of the British company's Kitchen larder candle range.  It's evocative of a vintage country kitchen and I really like that the candles come with a recipe for a chutney or jam so that you can re-use the container.

I'll be burning my candle throughout December, whether I'm snuggling down with a Christmas film or wrapping presents.  It's so nice to have a change to my usual Christmas scents of festive spices and gingerbread.  Come the New Year, I'll certainly be trying out another quintessentially English scent.  Either Lemon Drizzle Cake ...or Rhubarb and Custard - I just can't decide!
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Balance Transfer Your Life with MoneySupermarket

 photo moneysupermarket-balance-transfer-your-life-6_zps869f8619.png  photo moneysupermarket-balance-transfer-your-life_zps9c6df992.jpg Over the past few months, I've been incredibly thankful for my wardrobe doors.  Sounds weird but they've done an amazing job of keeping my clothes from spilling onto the floor.  I've got into the really bad habit of stuffing things in and hoping the door shuts again.

MoneySupermarket have been helping out with those annoying tasks ( organising your wardrobe).  Why?  Because... Like finding a credit card with a free balance transfer, there are loads of these little niggling tasks that we just keep putting off, which is why MoneySupermarket is getting involved and offering you the chance to ‘balance transfer your life’ – no matter what the little chore is.

MoneySupermarket hooked me up with some expert advice from pro-organiser, Rachel Papworth.  Having some guidelines and a step by step process to follow definitely made the task in hand a lot less daunting.  I began by clearing out all my clothes, shoes and accessories and giving the shelves a good clean.  Next was deciding what was to go back in and exactly where it was going.  I organised my hanging clothes by garment type, making searching for things easier.  My shoes made their way to the top shelf and all of my flats are now contained in their own storage bag.

I was pretty ruthless with the categories I sorted my clothes into.  Things I was going to keep, bits for the charity shop and a pile heading straight for the bin.  Rachel had a top tip for those pieces that you're unsure of what to do with.  If you can imagine leaving it behind in an emergency then get rid.  If it would be one of the things you'd save then keep it.  It's safe to say that anything I found still with the tag attached went into the charity shop pile!

Although it's tempting to layer tops and cardigans onto a single hanger, only use one hanger for one item of clothing.  It makes it easier to find things, which is essential for bleary-eyed morning outfit planning.  Make sure broken or flimsy hangers are binned or recycled.

I've never been one for storing woolly jumpers under my bed and Rachel recommends keeping everything in your wardrobe.  I did have a re-jiggle of my summer holiday items - they're now in a box on the bottom shelf.  They're still easily accessible but are kept out of the main compartment of my wardrobe.

 photo moneysupermarket-balance-transfer-your-life-4_zpse4dc3450.jpg Rachel insists on taking a before and after shot of your wardrobe so you can see what you've achieved. This can serve as a reminder not to get all messed up again, and also to help you prevent bringing clutter back into your wardrobe. I'm determined to keep my clothes nice and tidy from now on. The whole experience has been therapeutic and having a clear out is just what I needed. I'm even tempted to bring in a 'one in, one out' policy in the future!
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Three Things I Learnt From My First Christmas Fayre

christmas-fayre-handmade-vintage christmas-fayre-handmade-vintage christmas-fayre-etsy-handmade-vintage
At the end of last week, I took Isobelle's Pantry into the wild and had a table at my very first Fayre.  I was such a busy bee all week, worrying that I'd forgotten something important and, sadly, it wasn't quite the success I was hoping it would be.  However, I learnt three lessons that I'll be sure to take on board for the next time!

As this was my first time selling in public, I wanted to go for a venue that was rather low key. I treated it as a trial run to minimise the chances of getting in a flap in front of customers!  Unfortunately, despite the organiser's claims of promotion, there were very few customers.  Although I was disappointed with the number of sales, I'm actually quite glad that I was eased in gently to selling in person!  I'm already looking for locations with a larger footfall.

Before even thinking about what stock I was taking with me, I got onto Pinterest to research other people's visual displays. I decided to go for a festive colour theme that complimented both my handmade and vintage products. Overall, I was really happy with how the stall looked. It took next to no time to arrange it all too, as I had a mental image of where everything would go. I managed to find a table cloth and runner in Primark to draw attention.  I also took along vintage suitcases and wrapped up an empty box to create height at either end of the table.  I'll definitely be using these thrifty merchandising tricks again.

I was super nervous as I was setting up, but after a short while I felt relaxed and started chatting to other stall holders.  This proved to be just as valuable as talking to customers.  I was recommended another event to sell at and collected business cards from fellow sellers.  Turns out that I was being quite the business woman and was networking without realising!

Blogging - Three Things I'm Grateful For

Digital agency total media
Blogging has had a bit of a hard time in the press recently.  It think sometimes it's portrayed as being an easy career option for the MySpace generation.  The truth is far from that.  I've learnt a lot through blogging and have been given valuable opportunities along the way.

One of the main incentives to start my blog was the thriving sense of community amongst other bloggers.  There are friends to be made, debates to be had and help is often just a tweet away.  It's comforting to know that you are in the company of like minded others who share your passion.  It's not only bloggers who are a chatty bunch but PR contacts too.  I've been lucky enough to build relationships with people who either work for a digital agency, such as Total Media, or for the brand themselves.  There are chances to network around every virtual corner, both online and at events.  I've found this particularly helpful, as I've gained confidence in meeting new people and can now apply this to work situations. 

I've been grateful to be a part of an ever-changing industry and the future of digital media.  The way we consume information has drastically changed, even in the past five years.  Seeing how social media and blogging plays an integral part of marketing campaigns is so inspiring.  I particularly love seeing Benefit's new campaigns and take inspiration from experimental marketing when thinking about new ideas for my own shop.

I'm naturally a creative person and blogging allows me to dabble in a variety of creative outputs.  From photography to blog design, I'm learning something new every day.  I have a notebook of scribbles and brainstorms by my side for when a new idea pops into my head.  

Writing for my blog has not only been heaps of fun but also I'm refining my skill-set all the time.  Every day's a school day!
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The Original Vitamin E Cream

John Gosnell's The Original Vitamin E Cream
If I could only use one beauty product on my face for the rest of my life, I would choose a moisturiser.  John Gosnell's Vitamin E Cream would be among the contenders.  The British company can trace their history back to 1677, making them the oldest cosmetics company in the UK.  They certainly know their stuff.  You've probably already tried this cream already, as Gosnell's have been a contract manufacturer since the 1960s.  It just had different branding.

We all know that we need vitamins and minerals for a healthy life, but how exactly does vitamin E benefit our skin?  It has many properties that make it the ideal ingredient in a face cream and can particularly help those with sensitive and dry skin, along with those looking to reduce the signs of ageing.  Vitamin E in an anti-oxidant, and therefore neutralises free radicals within the skin, that may have otherwise caused cell damage.  It protects from pollution and, to some extent, UV radiation.  Those of us with sensitive skin will benefit from it's anti-inflammatory effects too.

For me, a moisturiser with vitamin E makes for the perfect night cream.  Having oily skin, these moisturisers ensure I get the hydration I need, without feeling too heavy during the day.  The Original Vitamin E Cream is soft and calming upon application.  When I wake up my skin is hydrated and ready for the day!

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Little Luna Lovegood

This little one was 6 months old on Saturday and she's now lived with us for half of her little life.  Whilst being the most adorable thing when she sleeps, she's also incredibly playful and definitely knows how to keep me on my toes.  She's the kookiest cat I know and I can't imagine not sharing my days with her.  You can see more of her on Instagram - I'm always snapping her best moments!

Here are my six favourite things about my little Lunaface.
  • 'Jump on the duvet mountains' is her favourite game (...and mine too).  If I move whilst under the covers, she'll pounce immediately.  Lots of cat acrobatics and giggles ensue. 
  • She carries her favourite toys in her mouth while trotting from room to room.  Dressing gown belts are always found in the strangest of places after she's dragged them elsewhere.
  • Her Puss-in-Boots eyes when she plays peek-a-boo are astounding. 
  • She follows me everywhere and doesn't like to be in a room on her own.  She even has a nap on the bathmat while I have a soak!
  • She's always loved chasing her tail.  I'll never get bored of watching her run in circles.
  • By the afternoon she's usually worn herself out and it's time for a nap.  The days when she decides to jump on my knee and curl up while I'm internetting are the best.


I am a worrier.  I can worry about anything and everything.  Over the past couple of months, I've been doing a lot of worrying and it's led to a blogging break.  I couldn't cope with wondering if my photos were good enough or if I'd written this or that paragraph well enough. 

Instead of blogging, I've been concentrating more on Isobelle's Pantry, my online shop.  I've swapped planning blog posts for planning new product lines.  In listing a new item, I don't feel as personally exposed as I do when I hit that ominous orange publish button.  As I listed more items, I had more sales.  And with these came really lovely feedback from happy customers - reading them is the best feeling ever.  Slowly, but surely, my confidence has grown again. I feel like I can tackle both the shop and blog once again.

I haven't avoided blogs altogether.  While I've stayed from the keyboard, I've still been reading.  I've been so inspired by other creative ladies who are dedicated to making their businesses the most successful that they can be.  Reading about their processes and experiences is incredibly empowering.  I've learnt that believing in yourself and focusing on your strengths is key.   I need to remember that although striving to be the best is important, but it's not everything.  It's also OK to stay in your pyjamas and watch too many YouTube videos of cats once in a while too.  I'm not a corporate machine.  Isobelle's Pantry is run by me and me alone.  It's this personal quality that is special. 

Want to feel inspired too?  Take a peek at my reading list -

From Roses
Jenny Purr
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Private Life of a Girl


As much as the sudden abundance of scarves and knitwear on the high street is making me want to snuggle, the new home ware collections are by far the most exciting.  The cooler weather and miserable grey showers are making me want to make my home warm and cosy.  I want to sip on a marshmallow-topped hot chocolate from a new mug and re-read my favourite book under my new blanket whilst surrounded by new candles.

And yet I almost feel a bit silly as I don't have a house of my own.  Still living at home means sharing a home with someone who has different taste to you.  I can't wait to decorate and furnish, not just a bedroom, but a whole house.  It's something I've been passionate about since I was little.  Growing up in rural North Yorkshire, I've always had a soft spot for the country cottage look and heirloom vintage pieces.  I always dreamt of large kitchen, with a dog lying in front of the AGA on a handmade rug and a fresh batch of shortbread biscuits on the farmhouse oak table.

At university, I would avoid essay writing by searching for grand seafront apartments in Brighton, imagining what my life could be when I had graduated.  Now my property related procrastination finds me looking at property for sale in Devon, Cornwall or Yorkshire.  It seems my childhood dreams of a cosy, country home have stayed with me.  I still want that unmistakable sense of comfort and calm that living in the countryside gives.  Although, I'm maybe not so fussed about filling my kitchen shelves with empty spice jars and Kellogg's Variety packets or having afternoon tea with teddy bears as I once was!
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Blue and Green - Barbour Knitwear

Barbour AW14 Knitwear
Barbour AW14 Knitwear Barbour Evenwood Sweater in Racing Green*
New Look Mottled Skinny Jeans 

Sometimes, only a jeans and jumper combo will do. Comfort has been key over the past couple of days. I've been mostly eating biscuits and finally watching The Walking Dead (my new favourite). I did venture out for a stroll with my man (thankfully, there were no walkers). 

My new jeans are the comfiest pair I own.  Ideal for lazy bank holiday weekends.  I love the mottled effect and can't wait to dress them up with a luxe white shirt and heels.  I broke the 'blue and green should never been seen' rule and wore them with my new snuggley Barbour jumper.  British heritage brands do warmth and comfort so well.  It's 100% cotton, so no more itchy scratchy arms!  I know I'll be living in this and layering it over shirts when the weather turns.

How have you spent your bank holiday weekend?
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Getting Cosy

Dress - Topshop
Boots - New Look (last year)

This weekend's miserable weather has made me realise that my wardrobe isn't quite ready for summer to end just yet.  I'm not stocked up on jumpers and I could definitely do with a couple more packs of tights.  Today I paired one of my favourite dresses that I wore in Spain with tights and chunky boots.  That's my staple outfit formula for our silly changeable days.  

Finding cosy designer clothing in the UK is easy with retail parks up and down the country.  I'm planning a trip to my local IKEA, the Wembley store.  I need to find storage for my winter woollies.  (The old Primark bag at the back of my wardrobe just isn't cutting it).  The London Designer Outlet is really close by, so I'm hoping to pop by and find some knitwear in the Gap outlet shop in time for the cooler weather.

I hope this isn't the end of our British summer.  But I have to admit that an afternoon of snuggling up with new addition Luna in front of a Disney film sounds amazing!  That's if I can tempt her to stop climbing the curtains first!
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Essential Wedding Guest Accessories

Wedding Occasion Jewellery Bracelet Sparkle Crystal Glitzy Secrets

When it comes to accessories, I like to keep it simple. This is ideal for weddings and makes outfit planning that little bit less stressful. In my eyes there are three essentials; the fancy jewellery, the black bag and the red nails.

Wedding Occasion Jewellery Bracelet Sparkle Crystal Glitzy Secrets Wedding Occasion Jewellery Bracelet Sparkle Crystal Glitzy Secrets
I don't wear a lot of jewellery on a day-to-day basis so find bracelets the easiest things to wear when the occasion calls for some extra sparkle.  This stunning crystal bracelet from Glitzy Secrets is the perfect retro inspired piece.  It certainly wouldn't look out of place on the bride either!

A simple clutch is all you need.  This textured one from H&M is just the right size for my phone, my powder and lippie - not forgetting the all-important packet of tissues.

Red nails are your classic, sophisticated manicure choice.  I like to use Hip Hop from Kate's Rimmel Salon Pro range.  It's more of an orangey red, giving a more youthful finish.  The formula is fab so you don't need to worry about chips on the big day.

So, that's it.  Wedding accessorising done.  Glass of champers anyone?!
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A Week in the Costa Blanca, Spain

What to do in the costa blanca spain torrevieja Today, I've been wishing I was back in Spain. Sat on the beach with churros, fresh watermelon and a Pina Colada, to be precise. I spent a girly week on the Costa Blanca with my Mum and sister at the beginning of the month. We had the best time snorkelling at La Zenia beach and exploring both Torrevieja and Alicante in our hired Fiat 500. It was such a chilled out week - just what we all needed.

What to do in the costa blanca spain torrevieja What to do in the costa blanca spain torrevieja
I personally preferred Torrevieja. The tiled benches and flower beds were a lovely touch and everything just seemed friendlier. We enjoyed an amazing sharing platter of fishy tapas at Tasca Nueva Bahia, followed by a tub the best cookie ice cream at a nearby heladerĂ­a. The walk along the promenade offered sea views aplenty and I managed to spot some rocks with cheeky faces! I'm a bit gutted I didn't get more photos of the graffiti I saw in Spain; it's so vibrant and playful.

What to do in the costa blanca spain torrevieja What to do in the costa blanca spain torrevieja We made it to one street market while we were there, in the town of San Miguel de Salinas. We snapped up some local peaches, cherries and olives for lunch that day. I was really sad that I couldn't bring home any of the baby succulents that were calling my name! I really like the area we stayed in. A drive to the lilac salt lakes at Torrevieja and the Pedrera reservoir are both musts. La Zenia Boulevard is also a great place for eating, shopping and evening entertainment. If you visit, Miss Coffee does fantastic ice cream - oh and ice cream cocktails. Need I say more!

Things I Want To Do In London This Summer

What To Do In London This Summer O2 Ant & Dec
I'm off on my holibobs to Spain next week, but there are still lots of things that I want to do closer to home over the summer.  London is just over an hour away and I really don't visit enough.  There are loads of great things to do in London over the coming months.  Here are the ones I'm making spaces in my diary for!

I last visited The O2 when it was the Millennium Dome.  It was only recently that I discovered that you can walk over the top of it!  Although this seems particularly scary (...I'm scared of climbing ladders) the views of London from the summit promise to be spectacular.  You can even do a sunset, or after dark walk - perfect for a date with a difference!  It's a great location too, as afterwards you can grab a bite to eat and watch a show.  Ant & Dec's Takeaway on Tour sounds perfect for the more adventurous as audience participation is encouraged and you can even end up as part of the show!

This is surely a must for any Harry Potter fan.  Snapping a selfie whilst posing at the disappearing luggage trolley is something I definitely want to do!  It'll be a fab addition if you're making a scrapbook of your summer!

Something I've wanted to do for ages is go to an open air cinema.  Now add in hot tubs, your best friends and 80s film classics and you've got the perfect night out!  Screenings take place throughout July.  I wish I'd found out about this sooner as I'm pretty booked up for July.  I'll be pencilling this in next year's diary, for sure!

For one of my final year courses at uni, I studied the entire works of Virginia Woolf and I kind of fell in love with her.  The National Portrait Gallery are holding an exhibition exploring her life and work between 10th July and 26th October.  I'll certainly be popping along with my Mum for an afternoon of culture.

I'm possibly the only person who hasn't enjoyed a morning meal at any of The Breakfast Club's establishments.  The thought of pancakes or eggs benedict or french toast is making me hungry just typing this!  Recommendations of what to try first on a post card please.
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Virgin Holiday Cruises Competition #deckedoutondeck

Virgin Holiday Cruises Day to Night Outfit Competition
1. Topshop Sunglasses   2. Hollister Crop Top   3s   4. New Look Pencil Skirt   5. Warehouse Statement Necklace   6. Topshop Boutique Silk Bralet   7. ASOS Highbury Heels
Packing for your summer holiday can be stressful.  Picking versatile items is the key!  Virgin Holiday Cruises are looking for the ultimate holiday outfit, that can take you from day to night.  I went for this gorgeous tribal print skirt as the base of both looks.

For daytime strolls around new cities, comfort is key.  A pretty crop top and classic white Keds transform the skirt with a sports luxe feel.  Cute cat-eye sunglasses inject glamour and a give a nod to the '50s when paired with the pencil skirt.  Perfect for lazy lunches and soaking up the sun!

A silk black crop top makes a lavish addition for the evening.  It's the perfect holiday staple and would look great with denim shorts and a kimono for during the day too.  White simple heels and a statement necklace finish off the look.

You can vote for your favourite look here.  Let me know if you enter the competition - I'd love to see your looks!

South Hill Park Food Festival

My local arts centre, South Hill Park, has held a food festival for the past couple of years.  This weekend I popped along to their foodie instalment for 2014.  Having heard rave reviews about last year's event, I went with high hopes of trying something different and browsing the stalls.
I have to be honest, I was expecting a few more food options.  However, there were sellers both inside and outside, selling a wide range of cuisines from Swedish to Spanish.  I went along with my mum and we sampled cheeses and olives, before swooning over cupcakes and discovering new flavours of tea.
For lunch, we ditched the paella, thai curry and roast dinner burgers in favour of a Caribbean tasting box.  This included super tasty jerk chicken, rice and goat curry.  Despite waiting half an hour, it was incredibly tasty.  I've never had goat before, but it's certainly something I will be having again.  It was so tender and full of flavour.  Our mini Caribbean feast was accompanied by our first Pimms of the summer - perfect for the gorgeous weather we enjoyed.

Along with the food, there were also sellers with hand crafted items. I really liked the wooden chopping boards and think they'd add some personality into the kitchen. I spent a while chatting the ladies from HemLiv, a family run home ware company. Their gorgeous products would be perfect if you're looking for a cosy, shabby chic look. My particular favourites were the lavender scented Hush-a-bye Bunnies, perfect for bedtime! The Aztec Blue Deckchair is right on trend at the moment - I love the fabric which is designed by HemLiv and exclusive to them.
Local fairs and events are such a great way to discover new brands. I'm planning on searching for more to visit over the summer, so if you know of any more in the Berkshire area, give me a tweet!

Summer Holiday Nails

Summer Holdiay Nails Summer Holdiay Nails
From L - R:
Barry M in Aqua Glitter
Rimmel 60 Seconds in Too Cool To Tango
Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Green Berry
L'Oreal Colour Riche in Sequin Explosion

After 11 nights in Menorca in the middle of May, I got the holiday blues pretty badly. I found that the easiest way for me to cure this is to replicate the nail polish combos I was rocking in the Med.  Sticking to brands I could trust on the durability front, I went for bright ocean tones that are perfect for both a mani or pedi.

Both base shades complimented my lightly tanned skin.  I layered the Aqua Glitter over Green Berry for perfect mermaid toes.  Sequin Explosion was picked out by the boyfriend and isn't something I would usually go for.  However, the boy did good - I love the full on sparkle that this polish gives!

Eating a Healthy Breakfast

Eating a Healthy Breakfast Natural Balance Foods Nakd Bar Recently, I've been making a conscious effort to eat a healthy breakfast everyday.  I used to be one of those people who skipped breakfast.  Now I don't know why I did it, as I have so much more energy in the mornings and can stay focused on tasks for longer.  Yay for productivity!

I've posted about a yummy breakfast flapjack in the past but I've switched my morning meal to something more summery.  Nowadays I usually have half a cup of soya yoghurt, topped with fresh banana and trail mix.  This is accompanied by a smoothie; today's happened to be pineapple, raspberry and banana.  Last but not least, I munch a Nakd bar in about 5 seconds flat - not because I'm in a hurry, but because they taste UHmazing.  These little bars of mushed up fruit and nuts are my favourite things at the moment!  The lovely people at Natural Balance Foods sent me a selection of different flavour combinations.  I honestly can't decide if Berry Delight or Cashew Cookie is my favouite.  Although Cocoa Orange is pretty good too...

I've found that Nakd bars are also great if you're craving some chocolate, or something sweet, during the day.  I keep an emergency one in my handbag as they're so much better for you - they mostly just contain raw nuts and fruit.  They've made the transition to a healthier lifestyle so easy.

Tweet me if you have any more healthy breakfast ideas!
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Celebrating 21 Years of Crew Clothing Co.

Brighton Girl | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog: Celebrating 21 Years of Crew Clothing Co.
Brighton Girl | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog: Celebrating 21 Years of Crew Clothing Co.

Brighton Girl | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog: Celebrating 21 Years of Crew Clothing Co.

Natalie Jumper - Crew Clothing Co*
White Jeans - Next
Shoes - New Look 
Sunglasses - Topshop
Necklace - New Look 

On Wednesday, I was invited to Crew's Richmond store to celebrate their 21st birthday.  I was greeted by Crew's lovely staff and handed a glass of bubbles.  Then it was time to mingle with the other bloggers and don some beach themed props for the photobooth!  We all had a chance to snoop at the new castaway luxury summer collection, inspired by the Caribbean islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  The range features classic tailoring, nautical stripes and flashes of bright colours.

I was kindly gifted a piece of my choice and went for the Natalie jumper in aqua and white.  It's the perfect lightweight knit for summer evenings.  I paired it with a pair of white skinny jeans for a transitional look, although it will look just as great with shorts or over a bikini in the coming months.  The colour is really beautiful and is super flattering for pale skinned ladies.  I wanted to make the most of the shade and teamed it with a statement neon necklace to really make it pop.  This is definitely a combination I'll repeating!

If the new collection has caught your eye, make sure to head over the website or your local store as there's currently 21% off!  Huge thanks to Crew and Surgery Group for inviting me along!
Brighton Girl | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog: Celebrating 21 Years of Crew Clothing Co.

Brighton Girl | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog: Celebrating 21 Years of Crew Clothing Co.

Brighton Girl | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog: Celebrating 21 Years of Crew Clothing Co.
Brighton Girl | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog: Celebrating 21 Years of Crew Clothing Co.This post contains a PR sample.  All opinions remain my own.