What's Made Me Happy #5

I've been struggling to get back into a routine after Christmas, but lots of things have been making me happy along the way.  If anyone has any tips for getting back on track - let me know!  I'm currently blaming it on not having purchased any diaries/weekly planners/notebooks from Paperchase yet!

Something that made me smile over Christmas was finding Lucky Charms in my sister's local Tesco.  I'm sure they're always almost double the price elsewhere too!  I had flu over the Christmas week but my Bambi pyjamas certainly cheered me up.  I wore them a lot whilst being tucked up in bed and reading my way through the second and third Game of Thrones books.

I've absolutely loved using the presents I received.  I was a very lucky girl indeed!  Bath times with Lush's Christmas penguin have been nothing short of amazing!  I'm so tempted to buy the Olive Branch shower gel which has the same scent.  I've wanted to try out Origin's face masks for a while now and got my paws on their Mask Marvels gift set.  Their Drink-up Intensive is my favourite so far.  How gorgeous is Nails Inc's Baker Street?  It's the perfect bright blue for winter, I love it!  (Thank you, Nikki!)

In an attempt to regain some sort of organisation, I've started planning my blog posts for the rest of January.  I'd love to add in some more lifestyle posts and try my hand at showcasing some outfits too!  Anna and Lily's #guidetoblogging series has given me a burst of motivation.  I can't wait to get stuck in this year!

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  1. Nails inc baker street is gorgeous, I received it for my birthday and I love it! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness