Nottingham Christmas Market

 photo nottingham-christmas-market-3_zps68257d38.jpg

At the weekend, I traveled to Nottingham for a festive weekend with my sister. This is the second year my Mum and I have gone to help her choose a tree and decorate her flat. We managed to get some Christmas shopping done, put up her tree and, my personal favourite bit, visit the Christmas Market in Nottingham's City center.

We decided to have a mooch around once it was dark and I took my new camera along for a play around.  I'm still getting used to using it and it was a whole new challenge shooting at night!  I know I've got a long way to go, but I'm super happy with how these shots came out!  

 photo nottingham-christmas-market-1_zps2b9fe5ba.jpg  photo nottingham-christmas-market-2_zps455825fd.jpg

After a quick stop in Starbucks, we wandered round the different stalls. There is such a great atmosphere at night and the pretty lights make the market look magical. We indulged in mulled cider and salted caramel fudge (delicious). I even managed to pick up a few sneaky Christmas presents!

 photo nottingham-christmas-market-4_zpsfc853601.jpg  photo 8207738c1f_zps7c338f2a.jpg

My little early December Nottingham trips are becoming one of my new favourite Christmas traditions. Next on my December to-do list is to visit my local garden center. Their decorations are usually amazing, so I'm really looking forward to seeing what they've got in store this year!


  1. I love Christmas Markets, they leave you feeling so festive!

    Sophie x

  2. ahhh the festive fudge stand gets me every year. I spent a little too much this year but all in the name of feeling festive! I'm from Nottingham and always think the market is a good one to go to... it always makes me so sad once its gone though! xx

  3. Ohh it looks so magical! I haven't managed to make it down this year but it always leaves me feeling very festive! xx