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FiloFax Clipbook Planner Decorative Washi Tape Cute Sticky Notes and Page Markers

At the beginning of January I swapped my usual diary for a Filofax Clipbook. Apart from owning a Funfax in the 90s (remember these?), I'm a complete planner newbie. After getting some inspiration from Pinterest and the #plannerlove tag on Instagram, I was ready to get out the washi tape and get stuck in!

The Clipbook itself is marketed as more of a notebook - but it comes with week on two pages, monthly and yearly inserts.  I can see how it wouldn't be suitable for a die-hard planner fan but as a beginner I'm finding it really easy to use.  My old diary was A5 size and after a bit of nifty recycling I now have dividers and a zip pocket which fit in perfectly.

I wanted my planner to be a fun and cute space for me to keep track of events and daily activities.  For supplies, I shop around everywhere!  I've managed to pick up bits and bobs from places such as IKEA, Poundland, Wilkos, The Works and Ebay.  My weekly food shop now also involves a trip down the stationery aisle too!  The most used items in my decorating kit include a pad of 12"x12" scrapbooking paper, an endless supply of washi tape and adorable sticky notes of various sizes.

I love that organising my week is like scrapbooking but on a smaller scale.  I now look forward to the things I have planned- it's kind of hard not to when your to-do list is written on a smiling polar bear!

Apple and Blackcurrant Appletiser

Apple and Blackcurrant Appletiser Juice Drink | Brighton Girl Sunday Mornings with Bloglovin and ELLE UK Magazine | Brighton Girl Blog

Appletiser always reminds me of visiting my Grandma's house. She always had a bottle in the fridge when we visited and our glass would always be accompanied by a slice of cake and a biscuit. When I was asked to try the new Apple and Blackcurrant flavour I couldn't wait to take a sip, as it's one of my favourite fruit pairings.

I've been eating as clean as possible for the past few weeks so I've been drinking my Appletiser as a weekend treat. As it's carbonated fruit juice and contains no nasties, it's a much better choice than my usual fizzy drink. I enjoyed sitting down with Appletiser in my new bottle (thanks Clas Ohlson) and a handful of chocolate covered cranberries whilst scrolling through my Bloglovin feed and catching up with ELLE. (Anyone else surprised by how good the Benefit Roller Lash freebie was?)

It feels so good to have an hour or so of time-out at the end of the week. Life gets a little tough now and then - you have to do what makes you happy.

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Moroccan Rose by Linea

Moroccan Rose Diffuser from Linea at House of Fraser Moroccan Rose Votive Gift Set from Linea at House of Fraser Valentine's Pamper Session

Candles and roses are Valentine's Day staples and so I was excited to try out Linea's Moroccan Rose diffuser and votive set.  I'm still not sure of how I'll be spending Valentine's, but I'm hoping it will involve a cosy night of Netflix and cuddles.  However you decide to celebrate, this adorable gift set is sure to be a welcome addition.

The scent itself is soft, sweet and subtle.  Rose is blended with sweet peony blossom and lily of the valley.  It's a gentle, feminine aroma that leaves you feeling relaxed and content.  My other half is particularly fussy whenever I'm burning candles, but this has his approval!  I'm still toying with the idea of cooking a meal for the two of us, and as the Moroccan Rose scent is delicate enough to be a background scent for the occasion.

I think this set would be an ideal token for that someone special - whether they're single or taken.  I have the diffuser in my room and the candles are a great size to pop on the side of the bath.  I can vouch for both being welcome components of a good old pamper sesh and manicure!  What more could a girl want?!

This post contains a PR sample.