6 Things You'll Learn at Uni

Naps are essential, and also special and lovely and glorious things. There's nothing better than crawling back under the duvet after a 9am lecture.

It's completely acceptable to buy every pack of novelty sticky notes you see. The same goes for cute pens, stickers and notebooks.

If you're walking or getting the bus to the supermarket, NEVER use a trolley when you're there. Carrying home 13 bags of value vodka and frozen potato shapes is not fun.

Regardless of whether you think they're disgusting or not, that Pot Noodle that you found in your Fresher's goodie bag will be eaten at the end of term when you've run out of money. Don't throw it away.

Setting an alarm on your phone so that you reach the nearest supermarket in time for them to reduce their bakery items is just common sense.

You come to realise that your selection of dressing up outfits is more impressive than that of the average four year old. Hairbands with ears attached are now your most worn accessory.

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  1. Omg number 3 is a rule I live by! Now I have a car, I use a mini trolley and it's amazing!